Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Roxane's blog re EDG 10/20/08

Last night we had our monthly Emeritus Dinner Group at Leatherby's. In attendance were Debbie, Leslie, Shauna, Adrienne, Cloe, Annette, Amy, Debbie and me. Leatherby's was pretty busy and noisy, so I could only hear Leslie and Debbie, and Shauna and Amy but only when they turned their heads towards my side of the table. So my recollections will only include what was said by Leslie and Debbie, and part of what was said by Shauna and Amy, on account of I didn't hear anybody else. Amy recounted a near trauma during her recent visit to her father's house, when she thought the house smelled like "old man." Turns out it was just some fish that her father had cooked before Amy got to the house. Then there was some conversation about whether old men and fish smelled the same. This issue was left unresolved. Amy also brought us up to date on her mother's hazardous waste collection, which has now been moved out of the house. Debbie and Leslie and I discussed the newly announced Calgary temple with Leslie. Debbie thought that the Cardston temple was near Calgary, but according to Leslie it is about 3 hours away, as is the Edmonton temple. Leslie and I discussed her sister's dogs, as I always enjoy talking about dogs. At one point near the end of the dinner Debbie was so full that she thought aloud that she might hurl. Shauna thought that this might make a good picture for the blog, but the hurl did not occur so no picture was taken. I took a video of the entire group with my cell phone but my cell phone videos are not of very good quality. When leaving we saw two people that we knew not of the dinner group. It was a busy night at Leatherby's.

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