Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adrienne was Employee of the Month in November (I am a little slow to post)

This is Adrienne's BIO for Employee of the Month for BCI

I reached the age of 18 in Boulder, Colorado (aka “The People’s Republic of Boulder” - Google that if you don’t believe me) but never actually grew up. This may amaze people, but I was a shy, quiet child, and quite a nerd. Then I came to the greatest university in the state, BYU, where I had some freakishly weird roommates. I am so old that when I attended BYU we won every football game by at least 50 points. Those were the days! I was a professional student and graduated after about 30 semesters.
Prior to working at BCI I enjoyed careers in the pizza industry, sanitation management, phone surveys for statistical research, and customer relations in the supermarket sector. While at BCI I’ve worked in the records section, firearms, and Field Services. My favorite moment at BCI was getting a sex offender arrested when he tried to buy a gun. My least favorite moment was meeting Rod Decker. (He won’t be coming in our building this month, will he?)
I’ve been married to my first husband, Sam, for 10 and a half years. We have no children, which will improve the earth’s gene pool. We have a cat and two birds, one of which is a psycho-nutcase who would be locked up somewhere if he were human. Sam’s hobbies are gardening, botany, and other nerd-related activities.
I enjoy photography, although I am no good at it. I also enjoy traveling around remote little places in Utah, genealogy, zombies, reading, sarcastic inside jokes, the music of Mwk and related artists, and being a boring person in general. My turn-offs include the Oakland Raiders, trendy baby names, celebutards, Disneyland, “air quotes,” bad grammar, and reality TV. You may or may not believe this, but I actually control what goes on in the NFL. It’s true!
The craziest thing I ever did involved a poll. If “anyone” in this organization divulges the nature of the poll, “that person” may want to remember that I have embarrassing photographs.
In no way do I actually deserve being named Employee of the Month, and I think it may be a practical joke. But stay out of my parking spot!
I also want to say thank-you to my awesome co-workers in Field Services. With one exception, you are all fantastic to work with!