Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Middle of the Table

I'm just killing time until some co-workers and I head to St. George this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll be doing some fascinating presentations on Disposition Posting Reports and how to read and understand them. Just think Debbie, if you still worked for the AOC you would probably be there also.

In the middle of the table we heard half of each conversation. Cloe related a truly miraculous story of how her $80 sunglasses were found after being lost on the JetStar2 at Lagoon. That lead to the question - was there ever a JetStar1?

Ellen will be doing some SPEED DATING on Halloween. We wondered what happens if more men show up than women - or vice versa. Good luck Ellen! Hope you get a treat and not a trick! Ha ha! That's some Halloween humor.

Ellen and Sam are very distantly related by marriage. There's a Sowards in Manassa, Colorado who married a woman who's related to the Deckers, and she has a lot of photos and stuff, so you'd think I'd pursue that and get some information.

Amy said some of her former classmates have some very interesting things on MySpace. She didn't elaborate, which I found suspicuous. We also enjoyed the "old man smell" and the "toxic chemical" stories.

Shauna wants out of Young Women. Let's hope her Bishop reads this!

Seacrest out.

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