Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An Evening at the Asian Star

First, we wish to say we greatly missed Debbie and Roxane. Roxane had a family function to attend, and Debbie had to send out the e-mail stating that Roxane had a family function.

Annette, Amy, Shauna and I all enjoyed the Punctuality Tax, which was delicious, and the waiter was more than accomodating. The whole thing would have gone off without a hitch if someone (name might rhyme with Nannette) hadn't spilled the beans at the end of the evening.

Dinner was family style, and everything was delicious. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to friends and loved ones.

During the evening we learned that Annette recently went to Disneyland with her nephews, Shauna has a tattooed teenager, most people are just going back to their hometowns for Thanksgiving, Shauna went to Jerome a couple of weeks ago (woohoo!), and Cloe and Ellen enjoy mocking Leslie's native country. Also, Celine Dion has postponed her upcoming concert, which is the type of flaky behavior you can expect from a Canadian. Shauna and I were upset to hear our hair salon just closed down. If you know of a good place, let us know. Oh - Annette once had a roommate who thought "Ground Chuck" was actually made of Woodchuck meat.

The Battle of the Worst Fortunes came down to a heated contest between Leslie and Annette. Annette was voted the winner because her fortune told her not to expect much from people. She got the luxury of getting a second fortune, which said something about reading good books. We suggest something by Maya Angelou.

We also discussed this blog, AND SOME OF YOU STILL HAVEN'T READ IT YET. Shameful!

Deciding when to hold December's dinner was as involved and complicated as a global environmental summit. I think we ultimately decided on December 22 at Annette's. She better not expect much from us.

If I forgot anything please feel free to update or correct as necessary.


Rocky said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Yo said...

CORRECTION: Shauna pointed out that Roxane sent out the e-mail that she was not coming, and Debbie didn't send it. Which does make more sense.

So obviously Debbie is seeing another dinner group on the side.